Accepting The Process

Restorative yoga is a type of yoga intended to hold postures or (asanas) for longer periods of time. There are even restorative meditation yoga classes where one can be laying down in a fairly simple stretch but have tremendous healing benefits on the physical/emotional state. These postures have been known to reduce stress, anxiety, and retrieve self confidence through taking a personal interest in ones physical capabilities. The act of spending time with yourself, is a practice that has slowly been gaining recognition. Immeasurably therapeutic, there is something to be said for valuing the rediscovery process in feeling ones own body, whether your 25 or 95. never gets old.

An experience can change someone when it tells them to slow down. In our short life span we can typically react in a short handed way. "If I don't see results now, it isn't worth it." Thankfully, this is an outdated concept that is slowly showing it's true colors. Evolution is slow for a reason and because of it we can enjoy the benefits as they come. If everything changed overnight we may feel overwhelmed, or perhaps not value our efforts as much. While it would be lovely to have our body's change overnight, it isn't a very compassionate way of handling a situation. Remember when you were young and if you couldn't have it your way now, it meant never? Luckily as adults, we can see the lack of logic in dealing with situations this way and therefore cultivate the understanding that it takes time to shift. When a baby is attempting to walk for the first time, we don't say "Oh that baby will never walk, why even try?" We trust that in their own time, in their own way, they will figure it out. Why can't we treat ourselves with the same loving compassion we would treat a child? Remember what it means to trust the process of life, and your soul will flourish with greater ease.

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