Choosing Yourself

Gentle yoga is essentially a way for all body types and ages to experience the embodiment of self care. Intended to be simplistically nurturing, this gentle approach was made with compassion of body and heart in mind. Einstein once said, "If you can't explain something simply, then you don't understand it very well." Gentle Yoga has a similar philosophy. You don't have to be young, leen and physically strong to enjoy the benefits yoga has to offer. It isn't about doing the hardest postures one can do, but rather to simply reconnect with the body again. To purposefully move the body at all, is to remind oneself that you care. Many emotions can come fourth when taking the time to breathe into stretches but the results can be profound. A quiet mind is one of the richest qualities anyone could have, and while it may not always be the case in everyday life, there are tools such as this that give all people the chance to take that feeling out into the world.

"If we want to change things, we must first change ourselves." Paul Rusesabagina

All it may take is a willingness to experience change. An openness that says, "I'm able, and I can." Once you gift yourself that grace, anything can be retrieved from within. To connect with the body is to reconnect with a part of the soul. A part that appreciates being loved, valued and seen as an important role in your life. Age is merely a number, and ultimately how you feel so why not tell that number how you feel instead of it telling you. Life is always just beginning, the second you wake up. A grand opportunity to live and be present.

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