As important as day and night, releasing stuck

This can come in the form of having a serious talk with yourself or others, meditating, yelling out loud, working out, or (you guessed it) yoga. There are countless ways of releasing energy and these are just some types but I could not put enough emphasis on the value of doing so. Life is a polarity of up's and down's, neutrality, diversity and mixed emotions. Balance is held through release and realigning those emotions that match some form of inner clarity. Some methods may be more useful at times then others but the important part is to allow it to flow through you. Your aloud to feel upset at yourself for whatever it is you feel in that moment but trusting you have the means and tools to move past it, is what will guide your way back home to a more rationally integrated you.

Many yoga retreats end up being emotional gateways for participants. People find themselves crying for no particular reason, or maybe they discover something within them they wanted to address. The point of yoga is to allow your emotions the freedom of expression which will ideally result in understanding them more clearly. This understanding may come after some energetic release through your practice but either way, if you can cultivate compassion for yourself, you will find it much easier to find compassion for others to.

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    Mar 05, 2017

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