Product Features

  • Size: 72”L x 24”W x 1/4” Thick: Weight: 6lbs
  • The only heat activated connect yoga mat created to build stronger foundations
  • Surface is closed cell and resists bacteria and odor
  • All Plank Yoga Mats come with a lightweight plastic carrier

Product Highlights

Introducing Plank ® artisan yoga mats in three designs that each feature a huge, detailed, photograph that is both beautiful and whimsical. Become inspired when you move from Chaturanga to Cobra pose with the Cobra Mat; have your cupcake and eat it, too, with the Plank ® Signature Yoga Mat (an image of a wooden plank and a half eaten cupcake); or safely practice on what looks like a shaggy rug straight out of 1975 with the Shag Mat. All Plank ® mats are ultra thick (one full quarter inch), and made from eco-friendly sustainable rubber. Extra durable material composed of closed cell, bacteria and odor resistant material and boasts a patented, heat activated grip.