Those Who Inspire Us

One of the greatest examples of "mind over matter" is 97 year old yoga teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch. An active yoga teacher and amazing woman who took up ball room dancing in her mid 80's. Tao is a shining example of not allowing our concepts of age to dictate ones abilities. When asked how she remains so youthful, her reply is, "I feel like I'm in my twenties and don't believe people when they tell me I'm old." In essence, her message is that age is merely a concept and only our ideas limit abilities to achieve even what seems to be the impossible.

I once trained with an older man at a yoga teacher program in Goa, India, whom had too many prior injuries to count. The doctors told him he would likely never walk again. Yet there he stood, getting his yoga teacher training certificate. He explained to all of us in the group, that yoga had transformed his life and through it he found courageous inspiration to overcome the obstacles that looked nothing short of bleak. To this day he stands in my heart to be a prime example, of someone who can overcome the opinions of others and create a life they deem worthwhile....and if he could do it, anyone could. Blessings to the ones who inspire us, for they are the pioneers of self motivation.

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