Through the breathe, all things are possible.

Through the breathe, all things are possible. It is the driving force of our body's continuous function. The "wave" we ride in an attempt to find renewal. Whenever we need a moment we are commonly told to, "take a breathe." Unbenunced to many of us, a lot of physical ailments are due to not breathing correctly...things you couldn't even imagine were connected. For instance, breathing into the belly and then slightly tightening the abdomen on the exhale will actually increase your relaxation and reduce anxiety which are the cause of all kinds of seemingly unrelated issues. Some people breathe through their chest which is actually a much shallower breathe that can leave you feeling more uptight. A good experiment for this is to lay down, put both hands on the belly and then only breathe into the belly. Feel your hands rise up and down, and then do the same by only breathing into the chest. The difference may surprise you. It's no secret that deeper breathe's lead to more oxygen to the brain and ultimately a more content emotional body to follow.

In addition to these positive side effects, it also increases your awareness on the breathe which leaves you more grounded into the present moment. The acknowledgment of breathe is highlighted in almost every meditative practice and is the fundamental ingredient for feeling self presence. There are also more extensive methods of breathe work such as, Nadi Shodhana, or Kapalbhati which have been practiced for century's and are great for clearing internal blockages when needed. Whatever method you choose, keep in your awareness that more time spent with the breathe will only help you prosper, creating a deeper gratitude and peace of mind.

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